Keynote: MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

Leading others to achieve positive results is not easy. Not only must leaders be smart, they must be resilient. They need to be able to view challenges as opportunities. And if they are knocked down they need to find ways to pick up themselves as well as their teams. In short successful leaders have something that distinguishes them from others.

We say they have “moxie” – one part determination, one part smarts, and one part courage!

Leaders need to be mindful of their strengths as well as their shortcomings. They must also be opportunistic in the sense of wanting to make positive things happen. Leaders also need to have the disposition to succeed as well as the inner resourcefulness to persevere. We call this the “right stuff to lead,” or X-factors. Leaders know that risk is involved with most ventures so they must be willing to do things differently. They must beinnovators.

And all good leaders know that they by themselves accomplish very little. They must engage with others in order to achieve sustainable goals for themselves, their teams and their organizations. Moxie is an attribute that successful leaders utilize to make a positive difference in the world in which they live.

In his keynote “MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership,” John Baldoni will show how leaders can demonstrate:

  • Mindfulness… Practice it consistently
  • Opportunity… Capitalize on it
  • X-Factor… Practice the "right stuff of leadership"
  • Innovation… Create pathways to success
  • Engagement… Achieve intended results with others
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