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Named a Top 50 Leader & Management Expert (Inc.)


John Baldoni is a prolific thought leader. With Moxie, he helps leaders recognize the fire that drives them. Touching on leadership, innovation, and engagement, John brings to life the excitement that drives us all to strive for the pinnacle of success which is often quite elusive. Moxie is a must read for any C-level manager or executive who wants to bring the energy back to their life and their career.
Marshall Goldsmith,Top 50 Thinker and best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and MOJO

John Baldoni’s newest offer Moxie is a valuable book for today’s leaders. Drawing on examples from great trailblazers of the past, Baldoni shows how effective leaders work and behave with passion and purpose. Brilliantly integrating the traditional psychology of self-awareness with the critical need for people skills and resiliency, Moxie proves to be the whole package. Highly readable and inspiring!
Stephen M. R. Covey,bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust

Mindfulness, Opportunity, X Factor, Innovation, Engagement. MOXIE. Just what corporate America is missing today. John Baldoni is known for coaching high-level executives as well as for his columns and books. Whether starting out with an innovative idea that is attracting investors or well established and sitting in the corner office, John’s new book should be on the must-read list for those striving for excellence and success.
Mike Myatt,best-selling author of Hacking Leadership and Forbes leadership columnist

Finally, the definitive work on leadership! With laser-focus and global, historical perspective, John Baldoni has gifted us with the essence of real-life, authentic qualities that inspire teams, companies and nations to greatness.
Denis Waitley,best-selling author of The Psychology of Winning

Don't let the title fool you! John’s book is not about being a business tough-guy. It is about having the inner resolve to find your special place as a leader and use it to make an impact on others. Once you read the real-life examples of leaders we all admire, you’ll narrow in on your own X-Factor. Go out and buy this book!
Paul Spiegelman,former CEO of The Beryl Companies and the New York Times best-selling author of Patients Come Second

John Baldoni hits on the greatest challenge and opportunity facing today’s leaders in his new book Moxie. Those in power who abuse their position lose the faith and trust of followers; those who work hard at their jobs and try to do the right thing gain influence. People want to follow them because they trust them.
Barbara Kimmel,executive director, Trust Across America

Moxie! Every great leader has it. Every great leader looks for it in the people he or she leads. Look under the hood of the most exciting and successful companies of our time and you'll find Moxie. Study the people who have changed history. You'll find Moxie. Read this book and let John Baldoni masterfully unpack for you one of the most sought after character strengths in the world.
Kevin Freiberg,coauthor of the international bestseller NUTS! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success and Do Something Now: Be the One Who Makes Something Happen

With Moxie, John Baldoni explores what it takes to lead from the inside out. By focusing on mindfulness, Baldoni demonstrates how leaders can use their inner resolve to paint a picture of the future and overcome obstacles in order to achieve success for the organization.
Gary P. Von Kennel,retired global CEO of Rapp Worldwide and former CEO of Tracy Locke Advertising

Moxieis that rare leadership book that is both fresh and enduring and will make you think about how you lead. A coach at heart, John has written a must read for aspiring leaders as well as CEOs in a style that resembles a great conversation with a good friend. Bookstores are filled with leadership books that try to capture the next big leadership thing; in Moxie, John offers the big things that endure and help leaders succeed regardless of industry or environment. If you are a leader, this book will serve as a trusted resource for years to come.
Brian Layer,CEO of N2growth and retired brigadier general in the US Army

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